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G Turner Professional Corporation Offers Accounting to Rocky Mountain House and Western AlbertaNo matter the size of your business, you need someone you can trust to assist you with the record keeping aspects to assure your business is a success. G Turner Professional Corporation, based in Rocky Mountain House, provides an array of accounting services to Not-for-Profit organizations, businesses of all sizes and individuals in Rocky Mountain House, Caroline, Red Deer, Sundre.

We can assist you in preparing for your taxes, provide business support and function as an independent financial advisor. We provide accounting services for businesses of any size, from small and medium enterprises all the way down to the level of a sole proprietor, from assistance in the starting up of a new business to working with an ongoing concern. Our purpose is to help your business save money. We use our company health check to make ensure your business is moving in the right direction, regardless of the current financial climate. Services we offer are first class with customer service that is second to none. With our support, you will be in a position to make the right business decisions, competently and confidently.

A Shot in the Arm for Your Firm

Let us come do a workflow analysis of your accounting department and implement ideas that will soon see it running smoothly. We’ll mentor and train your staff. Once ideas are in place, your company will be better organized and humming along productively. We’ll even help afterward with troubleshooting.

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What is an audit?

An audit is the highest level of financial statement service a CPA can provide.

Assisting both business and individualsThe purpose of having an audit is to provide financial statement users with an opinion by the auditor on whether the financial statements are prepared in accordance with the proper financial reporting framework. An audit enhances the degree of confidence that intended users, such as lenders or investors, can place in the financial statements.

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Reviews & Compilations

What is a review?

A review engagement is conducted to provide limited assurance that there are no material modifications that should be made to the financial statements for them to be in conformity with the financial reporting framework.

Assisting both business and individualsA review differs significantly from an audit. Review engagements provide less assurance to the reader of the financial statements because the CPA does not perform many audit procedures. The broad review procedures required to be performed by the CPA are:

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Tax Preparation

Through our commitment to providing you with the latest tax advice, support and industry knowledge, we can ensure that you only pay the minimum tax due.

Assisting both business and individualsG Turner Professional Corporation specializes in providing tax preparation services and tax advice to small businesses, sole proprieters, partnerships, corporations and individual tax payers. We understand our clients' needs and expectations regarding taxes and will gladly meet with you to review your situation and determine how to lower your tax liability.

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Our Easy Steps To Success

Let’s start making your company a financial success today
1. Hire a CPAWhen you hire a Professional Accountant Accountant you can rest assured that you're hiring a professional with the financial proficiency, strategic vision and commitment
2. Develop A Logical Plan A solid plan can be used to provide a framework for monitoring, and evaluating your firm
3. Review The Process Act on the advice and guidance of a professional then, review the results to improve processes across your organisation on an ongoing basis

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